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Published as a set of 2 hardcover volumes with slipcase
1452 illustrations colour & b/w

ISBN-13: 978-88-572-2477-0

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Librairie Dialogues

Volume 1
607 pages

critical catalogue of 382 paintings & 36 unidentified works


p. 17 : Foreword Saad and Samiha El Khadem
p. 19 : The Catalogue Raisonné of Mahmoud Saïd within the Context of International Art Market Law: New Legal And Practical Perspectives Yasser Omar Amine
p. 73 : Egypt and Early Arab Modernism Nada Shabout
p. 83 : From Founding Visual Arts in Egypt to Nurturing Modern Egyptian Art: Les Aînés Mohamed Salem
p. 103 : Mahmoud Saïd, Icon of Egyptian Identity: A Walk through Mahmoud Saïd’s Paintings Rawya El-Shafei
p. 121 : Mahmoud Saïd’s Pioneering Dialogue with European Art Valérie Didier Hess
p. 145 : Mahmoud Saïd: Alexandria’s Icon.
For Life... for Love... for Death Ezz El-Din Naguib
p. 151 : Mahmoud Saïd: Between Materialism and Spirituality Magda Saad El-Din
p. 157 : Mahmoud Saïd’s Oeuvre: A Dialogue Between the Human Body and Its Setting Amal Nasr
p. 169 : From Model to Modello. Mahmoud Saïd: A Modern Egyptian Master in the Making Valérie Didier Hess
p. 197 : A Legacy of Dichotomies: When the International Art Market Met the “Oriental Lord”
Fatenn Mostafa Kanafani
p. 225 : Paintings 1914–1964
p. 606 : Unidentified artworks recorded in the artist’s archives


Volume 2
291 pages

critical catalogue of 410 drawings & 238 documents


p. 609 : Mahmoud Saïd Mohamed Naghi
p. 613 : Mahmoud Saïd, The Painter Ahmed Rassem
p. 619 : Interview with Mahmoud Saïd Jean Moscatelli
p. 623 : Essay on Mahmoud Saïd’s œuvre Henri El Kayem
p. 627 : Art in Egypt. Interview with Mahmoud Saïd Bek
p. 631 : Retrospective of the Artworks of Mahmoud Saïd (1921–1951) Mohamed Sedki El-Gabakhangi
p. 637 : My Story with Art Mahmoud Saïd
p. 641 : A Journey to the Land of Colours with Mahmoud Saïd
            Minou Assabghy
p. 645 : The Painter and His Models Gabriel Boctor
p. 649 : Contemporary Egyptian Art Abdul Rahman Sedki
p. 651 : Psychological Studies in Art Mostafa Suef
p. 657 : The World of Mahmoud Saïd Ramsès Younan
p. 661 : Mahmoud Saïd and His Mythical World Fouad Kamel
p. 665 : Mahmoud Saïd: The Man and the Artist
            Badr El-Din Abu Ghazi
p. 669 : Contemporary Art in Egypt Hamed Saïd
p. 671 : The Painter Mahmoud Saïd Saad El Khadem
p. 675 : The Aristocrat who Adored the Plebeian Female
            Hussein Bicar
p. 679 : An Egyptian View on Art and Surrealism Samir Gharieb
p. 683 : Location in Modern Egyptian Painting Naeem Attia
p. 689 : Conversation between Mikhaïl-Shamel Orlov and
            Valérie Didier Hess
p. 695 : Drawings 1913–1961
p. 787 : Archival material

p. 885 : Biography
p. 888 : Exhibitions
p. 890 : Bibliography


FIRST catalogue raisonné ever published on a Middle Eastern artist

FIRST comprehensive book available in English on the subject of Mahmoud Saïd's oeuvre to be distributed internationally

FIRST publication of out-of-print articles and of articles translated from Arabic related to Mahmoud Saïd

FIRST time that rare documents related to Mahmoud Saïd will be published, offereing an unprecedented insight onto his life

56 previously unknown paintings
51 previously listed but not illustrated paintings
36 paintings published for the first time in colour
370 previously unknown drawings